by Sloth Metropolis

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The third chapter of the Sloth Cycle...


released August 8, 2014



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Sloth Metropolis Glasgow, UK

An eclectic combination of sounds and stories. The jaked and the jeered, scaly reptile royalty, pretentious welders, summertime buddhas, man-made manticores, newsagents and, of course, the Sloth of the Metropolis.

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Track Name: Newsagent
For every single thing
That you can think of
There's a person
Getting sexual arousal
There are thousands upon thousands
Of paraphilias, fetishes
I believe there is
More than you can mention
It's insane, more than you can name
Some of them are simple
Like age, face, race, waist
Tits, lips, other bits,
Then it gets serious
Donkey dicks, asphyxiation
Nappies, feces, amputation
Forniphilia; turning someone into furniture
Klismaphilia; when you're really into enemas
Plushophilia; taking teddy to bed
Necrophilia; when you're better off dead
I just try to supply to the customer
What he's lusting for, wanting more,
Need another score
More than just a business,
An important public service
You all deserve this so i have to serve this.

I am a humble newsagent
with a real clear mission in mind
Whatever turns you on,
on my shelves I hope you will find
I am a humble newsagent
with a real clear mission in mind
Covered up in plastic coloured silver,
your phantasy is somewhere inside
Is somewhere inside…"
Track Name: Welder
Jamie was 20, a student at uni
Studying history of art
Quite undecided but still he derided
What his subject had to impart
Most of his friends they were young & bohemian
Post-modern, Ray Bans and synths
His band they played hardcore
but it made his throat sore
And loud noises caused him to wince

One night at a party he went on the bevy
And as he was drinking then he started thinking
He said…

“I wanna make something with these hands
Be a welder, be a real man
I wanna have money and a mortgage too
Because doing what I do is useless, it’s true.”

Jamie was 20, a welder soon to be
Apprenticeship well under way
Exited to feel like his manhood was real
And that soon he’d be getting some pay

He went to the firm but he started to squirm
When he heard what the foreman would say every day

I’m an artist working in metallurgy
I’m really in to Wassily Kandinsky
Now you’re gonna make masterpieces too
Because doing what we do is useful, it’s true.”
Track Name: Summertime Buddha
When the days are long but the hours short
When the work is done and the lesson taught
There’s a mad mandala in a third eye
There’s an inner light from an outer sky

I always wanna be a Buddha in the summer

But when the sun goes away
It seems this feeling will not stay

When the leaves all fall and the days are short
Winter brings its own rewards
Pagan rites, distorted mics
Firework and flame on November nights
Solstice back at the highland home
Electric wizard on a Dark throne
Hibernation for a dozen weeks
Hibernation while the summer sleeps

But when the sun comes back around
It seems this feeling has been re-found…